Eldar Karkhalev was born in Astrakhan, Russia in 1978.

Graduated from:

Astrakhan Art College,

Saint-Petersburg Foundation for Culture and Art The PRO ARTE Institute,

program “New Technologies in Contemporary Art”,

Alexander Kondratev's private art studio (St. Petersburg).

Since 1999, Eldar has been working as a set decorator, a set designer and a production designer for films and advertisements.

Lives in Rennes, France.


Film work:

«Hodja Nasreddin» 2024 (in production)

Director — Timur Bekmambetov


«Year of birth» 2023

Director — Mikhail Mestetsky


«The Rage» 2023

Director — Dmitriy Dyachenko


«Devyataev» 2021

Director — Timur Bekmambetov

Moscow International Film Festival


«Lost in Russia» 2020 — Art Director: Russian crew

Director — Xu Zheng

Production designer — Ang Gao


«Catherine the Great» 2019 — Art Director: Russian crew

Director — Philipp Martin

Production designer — Tom Burton

Golden Globe Awards


«Dau» 2019 — Guest Artist

Director —Ilya Khrzhanovskiy

Russian Guild of Film Critics


«Call DiCaprio!» 2018

Director — Zhora Kryzhovnikov

Russian Guild of Film Critics. Winner: Youth Critics Award

APKIT Awards. Winner: Best Television Mini-Series


«Matilda» 2017 — Concept Designer

Director — Alexei Uchitel

Hamburg Film Festival


«The Very Best Day» 2015

Director — Zhora Kryzhovnikov


«Rag Union» 2015

Director — Mikhail Mestetsky

Berlin International Film Festival


«Under Electric Clouds» 2015 (together with E. Okopnaya)

Director — Alexei German jr

Berlin International Film Festival. Winner: Outstanding Artistic Contribution


«Bite The Dust» 2013

Director — Taisiya Igumentseva

Cannes Film Festival


«From Tokyo» 2011 (short)

Director — Alexei German jr


«The Edge» 2010 — Set Designer

Director — Alexei Uchitel

Golden Globe Awards


«The Golden Mean» 2010

Director — Sergey Debizhev


«Paper Soldier» 2008 (together with S.Kokovkin and S. Rakutov)

Director — Alexei German jr

Venice Film Festival. 4 wins including: Best Director


«Day Watch» 2006 — Assistant Production Designer

Director — Timur Bekmambetov

Production designer — Valery Viktorov

Berlin International Film Festival


Own projects:
"Dragon" 2018
"What is my movie" 2018
"Alone with a Shop Window" 2014 "The theory of computer vision" 2013 "Good Script" 2009
"Shooting scheme" 2006
"Stamps" 2003
"WAPicon" 2001
"Screensaver" 2001 


Exhibitions and festivals:
Antimuseum project. 2016 (Electromuseum. Moscow)
The theory of computer vision. 2015 (Showcase of the district library. St.Petersburg) Inventing Everyday Life. Street. 2014 (Showcase of the district library. St. Petersburg) Taboo. 2013 (Arts Square Gallery. St. Petersburg)
It is prohibited. 2012 (Apartment exhibition. St. Petersburg)
ShVa. 2006 (Borey Art Center. St. Petersburg)
MACHINISTA. 2003 (Perm Region Palace of Youth. Perm)
Read_me 1.2. 2002 (Dom Cultural Center. Moscow)
Transmediale 02. 2002 (House of the World's Cultures. Berlin)
Davaj! 2002. (Postfuhramt. Berlin)
Microfest 01 Pro. 2001. (The Peter and Paul Fortress. Saint Petersburg)
Mediaprivet. 2001. (Marble Palace. Saint Petersburg)