Year of Birth

Director Mikhail Mestetsky

Cinematographer David Khayznikov

Production Designer Eldar Karkhalev

Assistant Production Designer Evgeniya Klenkina

Set Decorator Nikolay Alekseev

Property Master Maxim Sklyarov

Graphic Designer Svetlana Karlova




The setting in the script was described as "Metallogorsk was a largely unremarkable city. No Germans or French ever made it there, and even if the Mongols had, they would have found nothing but emptiness", I thought that a small Ural town might match such description. Even though traveling through the Urals from the Perm region to Bashkortostan, we couldn't find anything suitable. We searched through numerous obscure locations, but ultimately discovered all the necessary elements for the story hundreds of kilometers away from the Urals, specifically in Murmansk. Those homogeneous buildings on the rough terrain, coupled with the radiant glow from the endless polar day, proved to be quite advantageous.

The Festival known as MESIVO (Metalogorsk Syncretic Renaissance) holds significant importance in the protagonist’s world. This event, which has never actually happened, was made up of myths created by the main character around the local long-forgotten punk band "Egg Light". It was essential to develop mythological elements in order to make them adaptable to any medium - was it an urban development planning, an airship design, a poster, or even a tattoo.
The main character turned his apartment into a museum of the punk band "Egg Light". Creating a parody of museums dedicated to celebrities was crucial, where an exhibit can be something as simple as a chair that they sat on or a cigarette butt that they smoked. Only this time the museum were full of rather peculiar exhibits, such as a set of bricks that, according to legend, the lead singer of the band defecated with, or a tool used by phone technician that has become a mysterious Wonder-element.
The city of Metallogorsk has been deemed to have a strong association with rust. As a result, all objects have been designed using a range of shades from red to dark brown.