Call DiCaprio!

Director Zhora Kryzhovnikov 

Cinematographer Ksenia Sereda 

Production Designer Eldar Karkhalev 

Set Decorator Stanislav Novak 

Property Master Maria Muratova 




It was the first series in the career of the director, cinematographer and artist — so, to begin with, I did a little research in which I compared the image in russian and foreign series. 

The characters of the series exist in an extremely complex and varied environment. During the narrative, the characters' storylines intersect with each other all the time. It was important to create integrated spaces that, on the one hand, could match with each other, and on the other, differ. As the characters have very different character traits, the interiors weren't made too tasteless or stylish. The environment had to be ready for transformation following the heroes' changes. Diffused, indirect light and deep shadows could combine such different textures in the frame. 

Due to the lack of free pavilions, all the decorations were created in a single room by transferring and repainting the walls. The "transition" from one scenery to another took five days. All these transformations were designed in advance in the plans and drawings. 

We chose «specific» inserts for each episode to contrast the heroes' problems in each episode. From the sceneries of beautiful panorama of the city, from episode to episode, signs of civilization disappeared little by little. At the end of the series, just like brothers from the well-known parable, the characters found themselves in a place with no signs of civilization.